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  Nordic Media 1994 - 2003

Here you will find the old editions of Nordic Media (and Medier i Norden), published during the years 1994 - 2003.

From 2004 onwards, the newsletter Nordic Media Policy is published as a parallell edition to Medier i Norden (Scandinavian languages).

The last quarterly edition of Nordic Media was published in December 2003, based on abstracts from Resymé, a Scandinavian languages news bulletin.

Dear reader;
2004 brought good news for Nordic Media and Medier i Norden: NORDICOM (Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research), based in Gothenburg, is in charge of publishing. I am still the editor of a "new" newsletter, and I am happy cooperate with NORDICOM, an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

This means continuity with regard to what the "old" Nordic Media/Medier i Norden could offer, and a considerable development that will result in new offerings and services.

All newsletters are be published on the Internet only, as parallel editions; in the Scandinavian languages (Medier i Norden) and in English (Nordic Media Policy). Publishing will take place in February/March, June, September, November and December. The fifth newsletter, the one concluding the year, contains a summary of current media trends in the Nordic countries.

Best regards
Terje Flisen

  Nordic Media
(change of name from Nordic Media News as from 1 January 1999) has been published by the Nordic Council of Ministers as a summary of news published in the (Scandinavian languages) publication Medier i Norden.

The main Scandinavian edition has consisted of:

- A quarterly edition, where a searchlight is set upon various parts of the constantly changing Nordic media sector, supplemented by media statistics.
- A news bulletin, called Resymé and updated almost daily, consisting of notices and small articles from the Nordic and international media world.

In addition to the Scandinavian languages publication, summaries of the contents in Resymé have been published in Finnish, Icelandic and English, both in Internet and printed versions.

Nordic Media may be quoted, provided the source is clearly stated.

  Editor                                                      Publisher
Terje Flisen (TF)                                        Secretary General Per Unckel
Postboks 1726 Vika                                  Nordic Council of Ministers,
0121 Oslo, Norge                                      Store Strandstræde 18
Tel. (+ 47) 22 36 46 45                               DK-1255 København K., Denmark

Nordic Media (previously Nordic Media News) ISSN 1396-934X electronic edition.